book: Weapons Grade by Dr. T. Bodan

Update 12/22/2014: Pre-order the e-book now on Amazon.

Terrorists all over the world want the bomb, the nuclear bomb. Only a few people know that it isn’t so very difficult to actually build it, but it is extremely tricky to produce the fissionable material, the blasting agent of a nuclear bomb.

What protects us from the sinister plans of those many maniacs is nothing but an equation. A simple looking equation to tell the truth, but a damn difficult to solve one … at least if one tries to solve it for certain geometries.

But this was only true until today …


An Alien in the Living Room

The first volume entitled "An Alien in the Living Room" of the series "Tankow Tales" by Dr. N. Schwarzer has been published as e-book in Amazon's Kindle shop.


Seven Days by T. Bodan

The publishers will begin operation by publishing T. Bodan's book "Seven Days - Or How to Explain the World to My Dying Child".