book: Weapons Grade by Dr. T. Bodan

Update 12/22/2014: Pre-order the e-book now on Amazon.

Terrorists all over the world want the bomb, the nuclear bomb. Only a few people know that it isn’t so very difficult to actually build it, but it is extremely tricky to produce the fissionable material, the blasting agent of a nuclear bomb.

What protects us from the sinister plans of those many maniacs is nothing but an equation. A simple looking equation to tell the truth, but a damn difficult to solve one … at least if one tries to solve it for certain geometries.

But this was only true until today …

If in doubt, check out the following link!
There you’ll find a special solution to the diffusion equation. Examine it closely! In case you cannot find a mistake you should ask yourself two questions:

Why on earth is this thing published in such an obviously hurried manner even though it could have been a great publication in a scientific journal?

What can one do with it?

If you were unable to find an answer straight away, don’t worry, you are in good company. Apparently, even the negotiating party of the West at the nuclear discussion with Iran in Vienna are having no idea. They and the whole world think it suffices to just limit the numbers of centrifuges or amount of highly concentrated U235 the Iran is allowed to in order to deny them the bomb. Soon, they will learn how very wrong they are.

And here is yet another interesting fact: The secret services of both USA and Israel have received intelligence about Iranian elite troops being severely undermined by fighters from the IS, the most dangerous terrorist group there actually is in the world. Both countries are puzzled why these fighters are not jumping into action, which means slaughter innocent people, take over whole states and terrorize whoever stands in their way as they do everywhere else in that region.

What are these fighters waiting for?